Camp Dudley / Kiniya — YOHA!

Information for the NOLS trip can be found here. Check back often for new information. If you have any questions you can email Dawn

Overview & History

Dudley has offered leadership-based, extended wilderness trips for over ten years. These trips are designed for our leaders in training and take place in both summer and winter. In 2008, this branch of the Camp program was dubbed the Boys’ Camping Society after Camp Dudley’s original name. As Dudley and the BCS continued to evolve over time, we’ve found ourselves ready to take the adventure to the next level. In the past, our trips have ventured into the Adirondacks, White Mountains, The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, the Maine Coast, and even to northeastern Ontario.

In 2012, we partnered with NOLS, one of the oldest and most prestigious outdoor leadership schools in the country, to create an even bigger and better wilderness trip for our young leaders.

About the Trips

The focus of these trips is on leadership development in small groups, and in a wilderness setting. In addition, trips maintain a firm grasp on Dudley & Kiniya’s roots, staff and leadership, and traditions. “The Other Fellow First,” our Camp Motto, remains part of an ongoing conversation. While on the trail, we do Vespers and Sunday Talks and relate much of what we learn back to leadership at Camp. We maintain Camp continuity by balancing our 4 Dudley pillars in our daily activities, Athletics, the Arts, the Outdoors, and Spirituality

See more trip photos and get excited for next summer’s adventures out west.

We are excited to be again offering the Dudley and Kiniya NOLS Leadership Trip for the upcoming summer. The full trip description of our trip will be posted on the NOLS website shortly.

NOLS 2024 Tuition

Tuition for this program is $7,250. This includes roundtrip flights from Dudley & Kiniya to Wyoming. Please note that we have limited financial aid available for this program.


First Session Expedition: June 27th (arrive at Dudley/Kiniya) – July 17th (pick up at Dudley/Kiniya)
Second Session Expedition: July 25th (arrive at Dudley/Kiniya) – August 14th (pick up at Dudley/Kiniya)

Trip Description

Camp’s 2024 NOLS Leadership expedition length and curriculum will be the same as the past few years, with trips happening each session. The expedition is 15 days in length and will have 8 to 11 other participants as well as a Kiniya and/or Dudley Leader. 

This year’s program will run in the Teton Valley in the Absaroka Mountains.

Daily travel can and will be arduous. You may be bushwhacking off-trail through thick vegetation, scrambling over refrigerator-sized boulders, or battling rain, sleet or snow. Rivers are icy from snowmelt and can be difficult or impossible to cross. You may have to traverse slopes of loose rock and carry a heavy backpack up steep passes sometimes covered in snow. NOLS courses are not easy; for most students it will be the most physically challenging experience of their lives thus far. Students of average physical fitness can have great success – but they should not expect it to feel easy. Effort and attitude are the biggest predictors of student success.

Next Steps

If you are interested in participating in this experience, please apply here.

*NOLS reserves the right to deny admission to anyone that NOLS, in its sole discretion, believes is unable to meet the physical, psychological, cognitive, social, or safety demands of the Camp Dudley Leadership Expedition.



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